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Philip Goto

Critical, Creative, Motivated
MSc Artificial Intelligence, BSc Computer Science

Dutch, English
Diemen, the Netherlands

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Hi, I'm Philip Goto! I'm a passionate programmer with broad knowledge about AI, graphic design and more. I love making good-quality and easy to use software. I'm especially interested in software engineering, interface design and deep learning, but I like learning new things and exploring new possibilities.

I have worked with and gained experience with many programming and markup languages, both during my studies and in my free time. I joined a few online programming contests, like the PROG-A-THON of my study association via, and the Advent of Code. I also contributed to open source projects in the form of bug reports, merge requests, translations, package maintenance, but also personal projects. Because of my broad knowledge in this field, learning new languages or technologies is a piece of cake for me! Take a look at technologies I worked with:

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NAVARA · May 2023 - Now

MSc Artificial Intelligence

Universiteit van Amsterdam · September 2019 - April 2023

GPA: 7.6
Thesis: Active learning for imbalanced image classification

During my master I learned about many different machine learning models, how they work and how they are made exactly. I made, trained and tested many deep learning models in PyTorch/Lightning, and know how to create my own model from scratch. Because of my thesis I know a lot about active learning, which is very useful to apply when sparse on labeled data.

During my studies at the UvA, I was active at my study association via, where I joined the cooking, interaction (focused on including inactive members) and gaming committees. This allowed me to better develop my executive and financial skills.

BSc Computer Science

Universiteit van Amsterdam · September 2015 - July 2019

GPA: 7.6
Thesis: Deep learning in bachelor education at the UvA

During my bachelor I extensively learned how to program properly, resulting in very broad knowledge and a structured way of thinking about problems. I now know how to program in more than 10 different languages, how to work in groups using the Agile framework Scrum, and how to make my own compiler. I also have a lot of knowledge about data structures, linear algebra, graphics, cryptography, network safety, and more!

VWO Technasium NT+NG

Keizer Karel College · 2009 - 2015

During my high school time I followed the course ‘Computer Science’ and the Technasium course ‘Research and Design’. During the course ‘Research and Design’, I did group projects for companies by researching a problem, prototyping solutions and presenting results. This taught me early on how to properly do research, present, be creative, self-reflect and work in teams.


Personal projects

I have written two plugins for the app GNOME Crosswords. These plug-ins scrape crosswords, cryptic crosswords, arrowwords and filippines from existing websites, convert them to the internally used ipuz format and display them in the apps interface. Currently, these plugins together support 30 different types of puzzles from Dutch and Flemish websites.
Keesing puzzle sets · pzzl puzzle sets

I have written a web interface for package management of Arch Linux. This locally deployed website lets the user visually discover, install, and remove packages through the browser.

I have designed and published an icon pack of 550 icons for Linux with accompanying website. These are designed in the a combined style of Material Design and my own input.

I have written several Telegram bots. One example is a bot that can find available classrooms at the UvA that can be used as workspaces. Another one is a Telegram variant of the formerly popular Twitch Plays Pokémon.

Study-related projects

During the Software Engineering course during my bachelor we worked in a group of 12 on a large project. This project aimed to be a working prototype of an improved and merged learning environment within the UvA, including managing assignments, (final) grades, schedules, etc. During this project we worked through the Agile method of Scrum.

During my bachelors Multimedia course, I worked in groups to create an Android app that can photograph and recognize a tabletop in the game of blackjack. The app can then track cards that have already occurred, and advise on the statistically best possible action.


I have made many contributions to open source projects. This is in the form of bug reports, merge requests for features and bug fixes, and Dutch translations. The bulk of the projects I have contributed to fall under the GNOME platform, but I have also contributed to some other projects. See my GitHub/GitLab profiles for things I worked on.

I have managed over 50 packages in total in the Arch User Repository, some of which have moved on to the official Arch Linux repositories.


I have participated in several online programming contests. These include the PROG-A-THON of my study association via, Advent of Code and Codewars.